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Bhaurao was born on 4th July 1919, at ving in Satara district. His maternal grandfather Shri. bhau9.jpgGanesh Annaji Kulkarni alias Kaka Vingkar was well known personality in Karad district. Bhaurao was benefited by the heritage of virtues of the Vinegars. The great grandfather of Bhaurao, Late Narashihpant Anna was good at playing Deshi (native) method Speedy method. The father of Bhau. Shri. Vyankatesh Govind alias Tammannacharya was well known teacher of Maths. He adapted foreign method while playing by deshi method and got prizes in Sangli Gymkhana. In 1948 he secured 1st in Captain Ranade Chess Competition.
In his early, Bhau was brought up with the pawns of chess. On the spacious branch of padsalgikar veranda many famous players could play chess at any time. In 1936, 1937 he was awarded 1st prize in the competitions of City High School. The contribution of Bhau's mother (Banutai) is also praiseworthy as she always encouraged him. His father Tamannacharya trained him the primary lessons of chess. But during 1936 he practiced the game with the teachers like late Balshastri Phatak, Savantwadi, Narayanrao Khadilkar, and Shri Bhalchandrapant Mhaiskar. These great teachers while practicing gave him every ins and outs of the game. Because of this, Bhaurao got 1st prize in the annual Competitions of Willingdon College in1941-42.
bhau15.jpgOn 29th June 1941 he got married with Yamutai, the daughter of Shri Vishwambharrao Kalkundrikar, Belgam. Yamutai entered the family with the new name Sumati. During the period 1941-42 Bhaurao started practicing chess with late Vinayakrao Khadilkar and Gopalrao Mujumdar (well known Raj Kavi Sadhudas). In 1942, Bhaurao and Shivram Natu become the disciples of late Vinayakrao Khadilkar. In those days Vinayakrao was living in Madhavanager and he agreed to train them twice a week. In 1942 the movement "quit India" started. The Colleges were on strike Vinayakrao continued to come to sangli everyday and started training them and also playing with such a matures found it hard to face them. In 1941-42 he was caught once by his Prof. Dhawale and other as he was discovered while to be studying the methods of word-famous Aliekhine.
Since 1943 Nutan Buddhibal Mandal Started organizing Chess Competitions. Bhaurao participated in those competitions and showed his spark. He faced the famous player Baba Bodas and the game ended in a drew. Bhaurao also took part in the competition, which was held in Deval Club by Shrimant Madhavraosaheb Patwardhan. This competition was held by the inspiration of Late Gopalrao Mujumdar. Bhaurao got 1st place in that 30 players participated in that Competition. Fighting with the senior player in 1947 Bhaurao earned 3rd place. Nutan Buddhibal Mandal had organized Rajwade Smruti Competition in which Bhaurao got victory over the impregnable player Shri. Narayanrao Khadilkar. It is said that nothing succeeds like success. This was true with Bhaurao.In Feb 1949 Sri P. L. Ogale and others held chess competition for Mumbai region. In the first round Bhau got victory over the Indian Champion Shri Narayanrao Joshi ) with swinging skill. In the game between Bhaurao and B. P. Mhaiskar, though Bhaurao lost the match in of equal position, he got 2nd place.

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